Believe : The Veggie Restaurant

29 August 2020

Believe : The Veggie Restaurant

Aware of the harmful effects of meats on health, many people adopt a vegetarian diet. Vegans even go so far as to eliminate all animal products (eggs, milk, fish, etc.) from their diet. They swear by healthy foods based on organic fruits and vegetables. In order to satisfy the needs of this category of customers, veggie restaurants are gaining ground. Zoom on this phenomenon.

Decoding a veggie restaurant

Currently, more and more people are becoming vegetarians or vegans. They make this choice to preserve their health and to safeguard the planet. Indeed, animal husbandry is very polluting (greenhouse gases, high water consumption). Meat, for its part, can cause cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, etc..

All of this means that offers for vegetarians and vegans are developing very quickly. And this is an opportunity for restaurateurs.  Indeed, the restaurant is not only a place to have a good meal. It’s a convivial place to meet with friends or to get together face to face as lovers. It is also an ideal place to talk business or for an afterwork. You have understood it, it is a place where people who share the same affinities meet.

And precisely, veggie restaurants allow people with similar lifestyles (vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians) to get together. By going to these establishments, they know that they will find menus that respect their diet. Above all, they can enjoy their food without the look of misunderstanding from others.

Believe, a growing veggie restaurant

Believe is a Parisian restaurant that offers vegetarian dishes to take away or have delivered to your home. It offers varied menus, composed of starters and main courses, each as delicious as the next. If you feel like savouring a vegan dish, trust Believe’s know-how. Vegetable tempura, Poke, Lasagna, nem, veggie burger… you’re spoilt for choice.