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29 August 2020

1st concept of virtual food court

There are days when you would like to start your meal with Italian antipasti, continue with an Asian flavoured dish and finish with a French dessert. Traditional meals-on-wheels offers make it difficult to do so, unless you multiply the service charges. Rest assured, Yellow Kitchens now has the solution for you: the virtual food court, an innovative and efficient concept.

What is the virtual food court?

Everybody knows the principle of food-court: on the same place are gathered together several restaurant chains, offering a varied offer, most often in terms of world cuisine. Yellow Kitchens takes up this concept on the net, with a bilingual (French/English) internet platform offering 8 different brands and 8 different cooking styles, combined with a unique delivery system. All the home-made preparations are indeed carried out in the new kitchen, located in the heart of Paris, at 49 bd de Clichy (Paris 9ème). In 30 minutes, delivery is free from 39 euros, within a radius of 4 km: the inhabitants of the 8th, 9th, 10th, 17th and 18th can thus benefit from this new gourmet solution.

Yellow Kitchens’ virtual food-court offer

Yellow Kitchens thus proposes 8 different universes, in terms of flavors and drinks :

  • Burger D’lice, to rediscover the taste of rare beef and soft bread, accompanied by homemade fries
  • Il Pastificio, the Italian cuisine with Mediterranean flavours always bewitching
  • Believe, good vegetarian and vegan dishes, with the highlighting of top-of-the-range products from Beyond Meat
  • Bagel Factory, for tasty snacks
  • Bo, all the subtle flavors of Vietnam and Asia in your plate.
  • Fish’n Co, for traditional or revisited Fish’n Chips
  • La Rôtisserie du Marais, for grilled chickens with a crunchy skin as desired
  • Hawi, with its Hawaiian pokes, healthy, full of vitamins and full of freshness.
  • Desserts, for lovers of sweet delights
  • Drinks and cocktails, not to forget the aperitif moment
  • And finally, Le P’tit Caviste, to accompany your delicious dishes with a good bottle at the right price.

These homemade dishes, elaborated by our chefs, are cooked at 49 boulevard de Clichy, with fresh quality products.
From the manufacture of the dish to its delivery without contact, all the most elaborate hygiene standards are scrupulously respected.

Who is the Yellow Kitchens meal delivery for?

You are single or in couple, and you wish to offer yourself in one evening a true culinary journey without leaving your home : Yellow Kitchens offers you, without leaving your home, its 8 culinary universes, gourmet and promises of gustatory escape, in a single order.

You have an Airbnb accomodation, and you wish to offer your tenants a simple, efficient and cheap catering offer? Contact us to establish a win-win partnership that your customers will remember.

You are a company manager and you would like to have a real canteen for your employees, in order to create links, sharing, in complete safety. Yellow Kitchens finally offers you a kind of virtual canteen, with an offer specially designed for professionals, delivered safely at work at the desired hours.

Your hotel does not have in-room catering, mini-bar or restaurant service. What if you offered your guests virtual room service or a remote minibar? It’s a bit like giving them an upgrade, while generating even more revenue for you, thanks to a commissioning system? Yellow Kitchens has thought of you!

Forget about traditional Parisian restaurant meal delivery. Travel around the culinary world with Yellow Kitchens’ fresh products… in less than 30 minutes at your door !!!