Italian Gastronomy in Paris

29 August 2020

Journey through Italian gastronomy: Mama Mia !

Who has never appreciated Italian cuisine … A question that doesn’t even arise. From Sicilian bites to ravioli and pizzas, the timeless and inescapable Italian cuisine never ceases to surprise us. We are always led to believe that it’s only pasta, lasagna and risotto… you’re wrong! The Italian cuisine makes us discover a universe of dishes with exquisite tastes: to quote only the escarole, the zalettis (Venetian cookies) or the caponata (Sicilian recipe based on eggplants).

What makes it appreciated by everyone is that it is simple, varied, with fresh and seasonal ingredients (if possible), gastronomic and inexpensive (unlike French cuisine which is much more expensive). Finish your meal with a little gourmet touch: a little tiramisu or panna cotta and that’s it.
Our Italian friends, on the other hand, are very jealous of their recipes. If you want to try the pasta a la carbonara, avoid putting fresh cream on top…You risk offending some of our friends.

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