The Hawaiian Poké Bowl

29 August 2020

Poké Bowl

Straight from Hawaii, the Poké Bowl is a seafood or fresh fish dish, served with its own specific condiments. It is a tasty, healthy and low calorie dish.  Why do we like Poké Bowl?

The Poké Bowl is dethroning sushi and sashimi. Fine gourmets love it because it is a refined and richly flavoured dish. Organic food lovers see it as a complete and nourishing food. Its recipe will also make an ideal diet for those who want to lose weight. The Poké Bowl has as main ingredient fish and seafood, foods rich in proteins and omega 3. We add ingredients that are generally used to prepare a salad: cucumber, avocado, red cabbage, radishes, carrots, etc. The whole thing is then sprinkled with a sauce of your choice (soy, nikkei, exotic sauce, etc.).  The dish is served in a bowl. Seafood is sometimes replaced by other ingredients to satisfy all tastes. Cordon bleu or not, you can invent your own recipe.

The Poké Bowl at Hawi

Hawi offers home delivery of its very festive Poké Bowl dishes. You can choose between salmon steaks, raw tuna cubes and marinated shrimps. His recipes are distinguished by the addition of fried onions, edamame (immature beans) and pomegranate in their preparation. Hawi also serves tofu-based Poké Bowl or meatless dumplings such as falafel. This allows vegans to enjoy this delicious dish while respecting their diet.  Available menus include Poké Salmon, Poké Tuna, Poké Veggie, Poké Shrimp, Poké Tofu and Poké Chicken.