Yellow Kitchens chooses Beyond Meat

29 August 2020

Yellow Kitchens chooses Beyond Meat for vegetarian meal delivery

Defining itself as a virtual food court, with 8 cuisines of the world for a single delivery service, Yellow Kitchens reinvents meals-on-wheels delivery for individuals, businesses, Airbnb tenants or hotels. Wishing to offer a wide choice of dishes, the company needed to offer a vegetarian meal delivery service in Paris, so it chose the best, the famous Beyond Meat brand as its supplier.

The Beyond Meat philosophy

Its founder Ethan Brown knows the breeding world well, and for good reason: his father was a dairy farmer in the American state of Maryland. Growing up, the creator of Beyond Meat became vegan for two reasons

  • His love of animals, which naturally led him to want to prevent animal suffering as much as possible.
  • His ecological convictions, which led him rationally towards the development of plant proteins, the only scientific solution to allow the correct nutrition of billions of human beings, while preserving the planet.

This is how he founded his company in 2009, based on five years of research on plant proteins in soybeans and peas. Because Ethan did not only want to offer products with perfect nutritional qualities: he always wanted to also preserve the taste and organoleptic qualities of food.

Beyond Meat, taste at the heart of natural products

You won’t know the difference between this chicken (from Beyond Meat) and regular chicken.

So said one of the culinary critics of the prestigious New York Times ! At Beyond Meat, the idea was indeed to create natural and vegetable products, as close as possible to meat, both in taste and texture. Whether it is for its “beef” or “chicken” products, Beyond Meat today sublimates the vegan product, bringing them a unique flavor that will bluff all meat lovers.

A Yellow Kitchens / Beyond Meat partnership for vegetarian meal delivery Paris

The original concept of Yellow Kitchens consists in proposing a virtual food court, where the customer can find in one place 8 different kitchens, multiplying the culinary and gustatory experiences. The unique delivery service starts from its new kitchen located in the heart of historic Paris, boulevard de Clichy in the 9th district. All the dishes are homemade, using fresh products with a classic offer (burgers, bagels, roast chicken…), world cuisines (Hawaii, Vietnam, Italy…) and a nice vegan and vegetarian menu.

This is an opportunity to discover a succulent veggie cuisine, where flavors and fragrances are mixed, with recipes concocted by our chefs to sublimate Beyond Meat products. You’re in the mood for a rare beef burger, but your better half dreams of a vegan dish? A single order, a single address to reconcile you: Yellow Kitchens, the vegetarian meal delivery service in Paris!

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